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Farming Goods, Supplies and Equipment

Essential Tips for Protecting Plastic Rainwater Tanks From UV Light

by Clinton Sutton

The type of rainwater tank to install on your property depends on several factors, key among them being your budget. Plastic tanks are the cheapest and most preferred choice for homeowners with limited funds. However, protection is necessary since an above-ground rainwater tank is exposed to direct sunlight (UV radiation). Notably, excess heat promotes algae growth and affects water quality. Fortunately, there are various ways of limiting sun exposure on a polyethylene water tank.

UV Light Stabilisers 

Modern plastic rainwater tanks are equipped with ultraviolet light stabilisers to limit UV light's degrading effect and reinforce the structural integrity. However, the protective properties of UV stabilisers diminish over time. While you can move a rainwater tank to a shaded area, you need to restructure an entire gutter system. Thus, the most practical alternative is to apply a fresh layer of UV stabilising agent. However, remember that the colour of a rainwater tank determines the durability of a UV stabilising agent. For instance, black plastic rainwater tanks absorb more heat, accelerating a UV stabiliser's deterioration. On the other hand, a stabilising agent lasts longer on white plastic tanks since they absorb less heat.    


Another simple but effective way to protect a plastic rainwater tank against UV light is to paint it. However, you must first understand the different properties of various paints before implementation. When a plastic water tank is exposed to direct sunlight, it expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations. Notably, not all paints can accommodate the expansion and contraction. For instance, the wrong paint will chip and crack easily. Therefore, the best paint to use on a rainwater tank must be elastic. Acrylic paints are an excellent choice since they have elastomeric properties, which allow them to expand when a tank is exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, acrylic paints ensure that a plastic tank remains protected for an extended period.


Wrapping a plastic water tank with an insulating material protects it and the water inside from the adverse effects of UV light. Notably, radiant barrier insulation is the best choice since it is considered an all-season protective solution. The reason is that the reflective properties of radiant barrier materials reflect heat as opposed to absorbing it. However, avoid using foam insulators because they make the water in a tank warm during summer. Besides, using radiant barrier material for UV protection is suitable for small rainwater tanks because of the high cost.


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