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Farming Goods, Supplies and Equipment

Useful Tips to Help Choose the Right Excavator Attachment

by Clinton Sutton

Excavators are some of the most powerful pieces of heavy equipment in construction and demolition sites. The best part is that excavators are also the most versatile because they can work with various attachments. In fact, excavator attachments can take heavy machines to the next level regarding efficiency and productivity. That said, choosing the right attachment for an excavator is not as easy as many project managers would want to believe. A lot of consideration goes into determining the appropriate attachment to meet project needs. Here is a guide to help you choose an excavator attachment.

Quick Coupler Attachment

Investing in excavator attachments is supposed to improve equipment efficiency and productivity. However, productivity and efficiency can easily be watered down by attachments that take more than a couple of minutes to attach and detach. Therefore, you should invest in excavator accessories with quick coupler attachments. Notably, a quick couple attachment allows an operator to move from one task to another rapidly, saving time. Besides, excavators with similar specifications and dimensions can share attachments, eliminating spending on more accessories.  

Match Attachment to Work Site Conditions

Worksite conditions vary significantly, playing a big role in the choice of excavator attachment. Some project managers believe they can efficiently use the same attachments on different sites. However, nothing could be further from the truth because a mismatch in site conditions and excavator attachment can damage equipment and cause accidents. Therefore, you must understand the site conditions of the area you plan to use excavator attachments. For instance, an excavator bucket without teeth is ideal for moving loose dirt or soil. On the other hand, buckets with teeth are suitable for coarse or hard grounds. It is important to communicate the information to excavator attachment dealers for the right recommendations.

Match Hydraulics Requirements

Excavators have unique hydraulic requirements; therefore, you need to keep the aspect in mind when shopping for attachments. Notably, hydraulic systems provide the necessary power to lift, tilt and run the auxiliary circuit which operates the attachments. Ideally, you should not buy an attachment that surpasses an excavator's hydraulic requirements. A mismatch will only overwork a machine, leading to poor performance and excavator failure and breakdown. For instance, some attachments need a double hydraulic cylinder instead of one. Therefore, if your excavator uses a single hydraulic cylinder, the attachment will overwhelm the single unit. Most importantly, matching an excavator and attachment hydraulic requirements ensures you do not push the equipment past the set limits.


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