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Farming Goods, Supplies and Equipment

Do You Want Your Dog to Live a Long and Healthy Life? 4 Tips to Help You Buy It the Right Food

by Clinton Sutton

Your pet needs a balanced diet to live a long and healthy life. Dogs do not have the same dietary needs as humans, so they need food that is made specifically for them. It is also good to know that what works well for one dog might give your dog a serious allergic reaction.

Before picking food for your dog, bear in mind your dog's unique dietary needs. These are four questions that will help you pick food that will best suit your dog.

Is Your Dog Young or Old?

The dietary needs for dogs vary at different stages in their lives. For instance, puppies are usually playful, and they can remain hyperactive all day. For this reason, they need many calories to sustain their heightened activity. When purchasing dog food for them, choose a brand that provides more calories as possible per serving.

But if your dog is older and less active, they might not need as many calories as they did when they were younger. Seek help from a vet so they can help you choose foods that won't make your pet develop weight problems.

What's Your Dog's Breed?

Different dog breeds have different characteristics. While some breeds like lazing around the house, others will be running around all day. Some breeds grow huge, while others have tiny bodies. Therefore, no two dog breeds can have the exact same dietary needs.

Small dog breeds normally metabolize nutrients more efficiently than their larger counterparts. Large breeds usually have more developmental needs and will require more protein in their food. If you can't tell which nutrients and food types will work best for your specific breed, seek help from your vet, and read the packaging before purchasing.

Does Your Pet Prefer Dry or Wet Food?

Some pets prefer dry food while others like wet food. The only way to know which category your pet falls under is by giving them the two options. Observe their preferences and go with their choices.

Does Your Dog Have a History of Food Allergies?

Dogs, like humans, also suffer from food allergies. Most of the allergens that affect dogs are contained in carbohydrates. Avoid foods that contain ingredients that your dog is allergic to in order to avoid major digestive health issues.

These are simple and very effective questions to ask when purchasing dog food. The best brands research pets' dietary needs and produce superior quality food.


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