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Farming Goods, Supplies and Equipment

Why Use an Excavator Mulcher Attachment to Clear Land?

by Clinton Sutton

If you want to turn an unused part of your farm into a grazing or crop field, then you could have a big job on your hands. The land could be overgrown and full of different plants and even trees. You'll need to remove some or all of these materials before the land is fit for use. This can be a back-breaking and time-consuming job. However, adding certain attachments to your excavator can make things go more quickly and smoothly.

For example, a mulcher could help. What are the benefits of adding this attachment to your tool kit?

Clear All Kinds of Growth at Once

Overgrown farmland can contain a lot of different vegetation, foliage and trees. Some of these materials, like regular weeds, are easy to get out of the ground. Other things, like tree stumps and scrub, are harder to remove.

A mulcher chops up all kinds of growth from flimsy grass through to tree stumps. It can chew through anything it comes across and reduce it to mulch. So, you don't usually have to worry about using different attachments to clear an area of land — a mulcher may do the whole job for you quickly and effectively.

Get More Control

Some ground-clearing attachments clear land in a blanket fashion. They eat up everything in their path. Mulcher attachments are more flexible to use, especially if you use a rotating model. So, if there are things you can't use the mulcher on or things you want to leave in the ground, like full trees, then you can simply work around them. You can also usually control the size of mulch the attachment creates.

This is a big advantage over other land-clearing attachments which usually just strip the ground to clear it. A mulcher turns this waste into smaller and more manageable pieces. You decide what kind of grade you mulch to.

Get Instant Mulch

Once you clear overgrown land, you need to get rid of the materials you've pulled up or cut down. This adds time to the job. If you use a mulching attachment, everything you clear is cut into pieces. You can leave this mulch in place, if you have time, so that it breaks down and feeds the ground. Or, you can use it somewhere else on your farm.

To find out which kind of mulcher will work best on your excavator and for your clearance job, ask your excavator attachments supplier for advice.


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